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Hey there! I’m Martin, a passionate software engineer with over 7 years of hands-on experience in developing robust and scalable applications. Throughout my career, I've held various roles spanning Software development,Backend Engineer ,DevOps, Tech Team Lead and CTO positions. I've had the privilege of leading teams ranging from 4 to 10 members, guiding them through successful project deliveries and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.

My technical expertise includes proficiency in Python (Django, FastAPI, and Flask) ,JavaScript,Java (Android), PHP, and Dart (Flutter). I also have extensive experience with both SQL and NoSQL databases, including; PostgreSQL , MariaDB ,MySQL, Couchbase, Firebase, Neo4j, MongoDB and Redis.

I'm passionate about cloud technologies and have worked with GCP, DigitalOcean, Linode, and AWS. My knowledge extends to Infrastructure as code(terraform & ansible) ,Containerization(docker),Orchestration (including Kubernetes, Shell scripting, CI/CD practices(git,github,githubactions & Jenkins), and Monitoring (Prometheus & Grafana , alert manager, slack ).

On my recent project "EzyAgric," I and my team delivered a suite of software products via Android mobile application and web platforms.
Key features included:

  • -  Record Keeping module (recording farm profile, income/expenditures, etc.)
  • -  E-commerce module providing farmers and merchants access to agricultural inputs and having them delivered to their desired locations.
  • -  Credits module (merchants could apply for loans to allow them to buy products, sell, and pay later).
  • -  Marketplace (farmers can sell produce to offtakers).
  • -  Extension information on Good agronomical practices on their farms.

EzyAgric serves over 400K farmers and 450 merchants.

In addition to my practical experience, I hold a bachelor's degree in computer engineering and am committed to continuous learning. I have completed trainings in Test Automation Foundations, Design Patterns, GraphQL ,Object-Oriented Programming and DevOps Essentials.

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EzyAgric (March 4, 2019- March 31, 2024)

Frameworks: Android ,VueJs, Flask

Languages: Java Javascript Python

Role: Software Developer , DevOps , C.T.O

Milestone Travels Website

Milestone Tours & Travels (Aug. 1, 2022- Aug. 17, 2022)

Frameworks: Django

Languages: Python Javascript HTML

Role: Software Developer , DevOps

Zaplabs Website

Zaplabs (Aug. 8, 2023- Aug. 22, 2023)

Frameworks: Django

Languages: javascript HTML Python

Role: Software Developer , DevOps

Sam Kiryowa Ministries Website

Sam Kiryowa Ministries (Oct. 1, 2021- Oct. 17, 2021)

Frameworks: Django

Languages: Javascript Python

Role: Software Developer , DevOps

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Kamapla, Uganda

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